About SEC

Trading since 1988, SEC Solutions has sold over 6,000 electrical estimating systems to electrical and mechanical contractors across the UK due to our highly innovative, user friendly and trend-setting software design.

The split-screen estimating format was introduced by SEC in 1988 and has since become an industry standard for estimating format that is now widely copied by our competitors. Being the innovators of our industry, SEC Solutions has a customer base of some of the most prestigious contractors in the UK.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, we achieve this by employing highly trained support staff and programmers who have ample experience working directly with our customers and have an abundance of expertise in creating software.

Our clients are business partners

The majority of staff at SEC have been here since the beginning in 1988, which gives them superior knowledge and insight to our software’s development and a strong understanding of how the industry has changed over the years which allows us to provide reliable and creditable customer service. Accepting nothing but the highest quality, our professional and friendly sales team have over 60 years of experience collectively in software solutions.

Our philosophy is that our clients are more than just our customers, they are our business partners and our benefactors. We ensure that our software enables our clients to market themselves competitively while documenting day-to-day business costs, estimating and pricing in order to catalog the growth of each individuals business and securing their survival in today’s markets.


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What does SEC have to offer?

SEC Solutions understand that in today’s market place the key to success is having live profit and loss, job by job information on hand and utilising the latest technologies to reduce overheads and streamline activities.


We have a comprehensive range of software products to suit any contractors requirements. Our modules can be purchased individually or as a full system, totally configurable with links to Outlook and Microsoft Office products and suitable for a single or multi-discipline of any size.

◦  Software that exceeds your expectations
◦  Intuitive and easy to learn

◦  Experienced software support team
◦  Designed specifically for the contracting industry

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