Answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What readymade databases do you provide?

We have  both Electrical and Mechanical databases available plus our Cypher1 software allows you to import your own ranges from a spreadsheet.

Does your support contract offer a remote dial-in connection?

Yes. Dial-in connection is often the preferred method of support as our support staff can see what you are trying to do in real-time.

Can I personalise the reports that come with the system?

Yes, the software comes with its own report writer but part of our initial service is to personalise your reports by adding your company logo to the customer-facing reports free of charge.

Will the software run on Window 8 64 bit?

Yes, our software is compatible with all Windows operating systems including 64 bit.

Do you provide training for my company personnel individually or is it a classroom environment?

Training is on a strict one-to-one basis here at our offices in Worcester. We take up to three people per session (from your company only) and each session provides about four hours of intensive hands-on training. For each Module you purchase you get a complimentary free session.

If I buy the Electrical Estimating Software can I add the other modules later?

Yes. Cypher1 is a fully modular system covering nine different aspects of the electrical and mechanical contracting industry.

I have 10 office staff but only 5 or 6 will need to be in the program at once. Do I need to pay for a 10 user license?

No. We run a concurrent user policy, whereby you pay for the user licenses you actually need at any one time. Additional licenses can be purchased immediately over the phone if required.

What makes your software different from others in the market?

Our unique selling propositions are simplicity, flexibility and reliability. With over 25 years of experience (all from the same key staff members) our software is the easiest on the market to use and simplest to set up and learn. Extra features are provide the flexibility you need and the experience at SEC gives you the “it does what it says on the tin” reliability.

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