Contract (Job) Costing

SEC’s Cypher1 Contract Costing module provides contractors with the next generation of business management software tools for effective and consistent job contract management. Whether the requirement is for full management of major projects including WIP, P & L, Applications and Final Account production, or monitoring small works, reactive sales/invoice generation and cost tracking, Cypher1 can do it.

Interfacing with all aspects of the Cypher1 suite, our contract costing software gives up to the minute accurate and invaluable information about contract performance and expenditure against budget.

Contract Costing provides a unique overall view and summary of all services by integrating with SEC’s Cypher1 Estimating, Sales Invoicing, Purchase Order Processing, Applications, Stock Control, and Planned/Service Maintenance modules.

With active Post Code links, integrated email and Outlook Calendar for functionality, and MS Office import/export functions, Cypher1 Contract Costing is intuitive, easy to use and productive straight out of the box.

The new grid formats enable industry-standard drag and drop technology to arrange the on-screen data as the user requires.

  • Many areas are colour coordinated to make easier reading and the report generator enables virtually any report to be obtained.

A few more of the benefits offered by this module include;

  • Timesheet posting
  • Committed Costs*
  • Subcontractor records/Invoices*
  • Stock & Van Stock management*
  • Comparison (of Key Budgets) against Estimate
  • Comprehensive built-in configurable security
  • Report generator
  • Customisable job sheets
    • (Also see the Web Worker & Web Timesheets Apps)
  • W.I.P reports*
  • P & L reports*
  • Breakdown of expenditure via Cost Groups and Cost Center’s
  • Immediate snapshot of revenue on Job *
  • Chart views
  • Document storage
  • Management of Variations
  • Integration with SEC’s pricing database services
  • Integration with Sage Line 50 accounts systems
  • Integration with Xero Accounts


*Additional Modules may be required

This module will make your business more profitable by evaluating the expenditure on jobs before it’s too late.

  • Feature rich, simple to use Cypher1 is the best Contractor specific software with full technical support backup service and training.


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