Exploring the Power of Cypher1 Estimating Module

27th October 2023

electrical estimating software

Cypher1 is an advanced estimating software that has garnered awards for its exceptional capabilities. In this blog post, we will take you through a detailed walkthrough of the Cypher1 estimating module, breaking down its various features and functionalities that can streamline your estimating processes. You could read this post and / or go through our online video walkthrough on YouTube. 


Introduction to Cypher1 Estimating Module

The journey begins with the opening screen of the Cypher1 estimating module. Here, you’ll find the header page, which is the hub of essential information for your estimates. It includes customer details, site information, estimator names, status of the estimate, tender due date, and a description of the work to be performed.

Cypher1 offers a unique feature where each estimate can be categorized by type, allowing you to analyze the success rates of different types of estimates. What’s more, customer and site contact details are readily available, complete with active email hyperlinks, making communication a breeze.


Exploring the Section Screen

Moving on to the section screen, Cypher1 presents a list of sections and subsections for an existing estimate. It’s designed to streamline your estimating process by allowing you to mark sections as complete. This makes it easier to pick up where you left off when returning to an estimate. Additionally, the section wizard provides a list of commonly used section names, ensuring consistency in your estimates.


Diving into Item Details

The core of the estimating module is the “Items” tab. Here, you can see a clear and user-friendly take-off grid. It displays items and their quantities, trade prices, discounts, unit prices, total net values, total fit times, material classes, and labor classes. Notably, any item without a price or fit time is highlighted in red, alerting you to address these details before finalizing the estimate.

Cypher1 also offers a convenient feature for editing quantities. You can effortlessly alter quantities by selecting the item, inputting the new quantity, and clicking “OK” or “Save.” This dynamic editing process simplifies last-minute adjustments.


Streamlining with Copy-Paste Functionality

For added efficiency, Cypher1 incorporates standard Windows features, allowing you to right-click to copy and right-click to paste items. This functionality saves you time and eliminates the need for double entry.


Product Retrieval Made Easy

In the second part of the demo, Cypher1 delves into various methods of product retrieval. This feature is particularly valuable for ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your estimating process. You can use the electrical or mechanical database, input free-form details, or enter information for products not covered in the database.

The database view is user-friendly and provides detailed information about the items you are working with. It’s easy to search for products by catalog number, manufacturer, type, or description. Once you’ve located the product you need, you can simply double-click to enter the quantity or drag and drop it, instantly updating your take-off view.


Unlocking the Potential of Favorites and Kits

Cypher1 introduces the concept of “favorites,” which allows you to group items together for easy access in future estimates. These favorites can be customized, making it effortless to select frequently used combinations of products.

Furthermore, Cypher1 offers the ability to build kits and add items to favorites directly within the software. You don’t need to create kits or favorites externally and then import them. This dynamic feature empowers you to save time and increase efficiency in your estimating process.



The Cypher1 estimating module revolutionizes the way businesses handle their estimating processes. With user-friendly interfaces, dynamic features, and the ability to streamline your workflows, Cypher1 is a powerful tool for improving the accuracy and efficiency of your estimates. This marks the end of our three-part demo exploration, and we hope this overview has provided valuable insights into the capabilities of Cypher1’s estimating module.

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