Free One to One Estimating Software Training.

13th June 2023

training for estimating software

Our intensive hands-on training is essential for those who want to make the most out of the Cypher-1 software.

With each Module purchased, you get a complimentary free training session with qualified staff to ensure that you understand all the requirements and can use them in the best way possible. This one-to-one training will help you get up to speed quickly and make sure that you are able to utilize the Module properly. When visiting SEC for training sessions you will experience a one on one session for you and your colleagues, and we recommend 3 at a time to ensure maximum benefit. The sessions will be led by your specific requirements, and you will have the ability to use the Software “hands on” rather than just a parrot fashion instruction course. The session will be led by a qualified member of staff who will lead you down the best path to maximise the experience.

We think taking the free training provided will help you get the most out of the software and where other software vendors might provide generic video based online training or general “catch all” training which is provided via video tutorials, our approach is simple, make sure each customers is getting the maximum out of the module they are using. We understand that although everyone’s general requirements are the same, there will always be those little ‘quirks’ that each individual has in their job role.

Notwithstanding the individual elements of costing jobs, its always good to ‘learn by doing’ and sometimes reading the manual or accessing the help function just isn’t solving the issue.

For more information on our training programme, contact us.