Optimising Your Electrical and Mechanical Estimating with SEC Solutions’ Comprehensive Databases

20th June 2024

electrical and mechanical databases

SEC Solutions offers unparalleled Electrical and Mechanical estimating databases, fully integrated with their Cypher1 software suite. These databases ensure accurate, up-to-date pricing for a wide range of products across various sectors including electrical, mechanical, plumbing, heating, and industrial control.

Key Features:

– Extensive Product Range: Access to over 500,000 electrical and 400,000 mechanical items, including major brands and wholesaler own-brand items.
– Regular Updates: Live weekly updates for electrical databases and monthly updates for mechanical databases ensure you have the latest pricing information.
– Customisable Data: Ability to import supplier agreed nets for a tailored pricing structure.

Electrical Estimating Database:
– Covers a broad spectrum of products from leading brands like Medlocks, Newey & Eyre, City Electrical Factors, and more.
– One unified database at a single price point, ensuring consistency and affordability.

Mechanical Estimating Database:
– Encompasses a comprehensive list of mechanical items, including the full range from BSS.
– Like the electrical database, it is available at a single price, with live updates for seamless integration.

By leveraging these robust databases, contractors can streamline their estimating processes, enhance procurement efficiency, and ensure precise invoicing. Whether you are in the electrical or mechanical field, SEC Solutions provides the tools to maintain competitive and accurate estimates, improving overall business operations.

For more information or to request a demo, visit our dedicated page detailing our electrical and mechanical estimating databases.