Though most content is in place and functional site updates and tweaks are continuing. Excuse the dust while the last items are addressed, and stay tuned for future updates, news and special offers.

For better access and reach more people that could use our services we also have optimized the site for this with SEO, on-page SEO is becoming increasingly overshadowed by off-page factors. However that’s not to say it’s not important to have our on-page SEO spot on, and companies as WordTree online can help with that. By getting on-page right we’re putting down a solid foundation to build upon with other activities.

To make it easier to break down the information, we’re looking at a page in isolation in this article. In reality I would be looking at it as part of the website and thinking about all the possible ramifications to both on-site and off-site activity, so people can find all the necessary content their looking for in our site.