The Top 5 Advantages of using the Cypher1 Estimating Software.

13th April 2023

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Cypher1 estimating software is a powerful tool that can help contractors save time and money. It is easy to use, easy to learn, and offers the most flexibility on the market. It is also contractor-specific and competitively priced, making it an ideal choice for any contractor looking for an efficient estimating software solution. 

The top 5 advantages of using Cypher1 estimating software are;

  1. its ease of use, 
  2. ease of learning, 
  3. modular design, 
  4. most flexible on the market
  5. contractor-specific features. 

With these features combined, contractors can quickly create accurate estimates with minimal effort. Additionally, its competitively priced structure makes it a great value for any contractor looking to save time and money while still producing quality estimates .Cypher1 estimating software is the most flexible of its kind, allowing contractors to create more accurate estimates by providing an array of features from the start. This allows contractors to easily customize their estimate for each individual project and replace any features that aren’t needed. The software also makes it easy for contractors to build a portfolio, which can be easily shared with prospective clients. 

In addition to this, Cypher1 estimating software includes a number of contractor-specific features that help ensure accuracy and efficiency when calculating costs. For example, the program’s intuitive interface makes it easy for even inexperienced users to calculate hours based on an hourly rate.

One of the features that sets Cypher1 estimating software apart from other similar programs is its ability to import different types of job data, including residential and commercial jobs. This feature greatly assists contractors with their project planning, as they can see these different projects in a single place. In addition to this, it is possible to export cost estimates saved on a daily basis or over the course of several days into Microsoft Excel format for further analysis.

We also have a bonus feature for you – I know we said top 5 advantages, but a special additional feature is the price element. We Think Cypher1 is the most competitively priced estimating software on the market – not only for initial outlay but for ongoing costs too.

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