The Top 5 Most Useful Apps for Electrical Contractors.

24th April 2023

Top 5 apps for electrical contractors

In today’s digital world, electrical contractors need to use apps to stay competitive and efficient. With the help of apps, they can access information quickly and easily from their mobile phones or smartphones. This allows them to work remotely and have all the necessary information at their fingertips. Apps also provide electrical contractors with a range of features that can help them manage their business more effectively. From scheduling jobs to tracking progress, apps can make it easier for contractors to stay organized and on top of their workloads. Additionally, they can use apps to access customer data, generate invoices, and even track payments in real-time. 

Apps also provide electrical contractors with a range of features that make their job easier. This makes it easier for them to stay organized and keep up with the ever-changing demands of their industry. 

Some apps can help with diagnosing issues, or provide gentle reminders for complicated solutions – there is an app for everything and notwithstanding specialist apps there are also plenty of apps that can help you keep in touch with your customers and provide up to date time critical information as well as provide business efficiency.

Taking a record of a job or installation not only helps document the solution implemented but also serves as a great reminder in terms of time spent and any difficulties that had to be overcome.

We provide the best electrical estimating software but also recognise there are some great useful apps out there.

We have taken some time to put together a list of the top 5 apps we think would be most useful to an electricall contractor.

  1. Electronics Engineer Helper – available on Apple and Google  – More than a 100,000 users use this app in their work.It is full of useful calculators and references.
  2. EE Toolkit – available on Apple and Google – Full of useful tools and constantly updated this app has loads to offer and gets consistent high scores on the app store.
  3. IEEE.TV – available on Apple and Google – An award winning online video library made possible by the members of the IEEE. New titles added weekly.
  4. Electrodoc – available on Apple and Google  – A simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and references , five star rating on app store.
  5. iBend pipe – available on Apple and Google – The best conduit bending application on the iPhone, it calculates the bends in English or metric measurements and helps you bend it right ..the first time!

But of course we could not talk about the best apps for electrical contractors without mentioning our very own SEC Service Maintence App, among other things our app lets you provide accurate future planning and job quotes.

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