The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Electrical Estimating Software Today

21st October 2022

SEC Solutions Ltd have the best electrical estimating software in the market at an affordable price. The Cypher1 Software Suite has been designed for contractors of all sizes and has been built for ease of use as well as being easy to learn.

If you are still thinking about buying estimating software but you are unsure of the benefits, we here at SEC have put together our top 5 reasons why you should invest in an electrical estimating software today.

  1. Saving time  – No more rewriting quotes, estimates and invoices from scratch. You can look back at previous estimates and use the data for similar sized jobs. Build up a library of estimates and move easily from one estimate to the next.
  2. Saving money – Saving time is going to save you money – you will spend less time doing estimates and more time doing work. 
  3. Win more jobs – A professional, well presented estimate with robust costing will enable you to win more business and also to learn which estimates appeal the most to customers. 
  4. Keep track of estimates – No more scratching around on multiple spreadsheets, bits of paper, accounting systems and Word documents. Have your estimates all in one place where you can see and track progress, learn from wins and improve from losses. Our easy to use learn and use  software will enable you to get quick access to pricing data and you can make use of dual monitor configuration.
  5. Increase profits – Being efficient will cut down the time you spend estimating, more time on the job means higher productivity and profitability.

Our electrical estimating software is feature rich, which means it can handle everything you need to do plus it is modular, which enables you to to buy and use only the modules you need.

Once you start using our software , you will realise how easy it is to get an idea about the total cost of a project before you start working on it. In these uncertain times with price fluctuations  – this function is absolutely necessary to ensure you are not selling yourself short or estimating on the low side.

It also saves them time and resources by eliminating the need for manual estimation. No more, dodgy spreadsheets, back of a fag packet estimates and poorly written quotes. Imagine the time saved in being able to duplicate estimates instead of writing them all from scratch?

Our software support is first class and our product the “Cypher1 Software suite” has been designed specifically for the mechanical and electrical contractor of all sizes building on the knowledge from over 35 years experience in this market sector.

Our electrical estimating software gives you complete control and has an intuitive user interface, easy to use and works across Windows platforms and has a mobile app.

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